Sprinters (Short Distance)

Indoor Events: 55m, 200m, 400m, Relays, Hurdles & Jumps
Outdoor Events: 100m, 200m, 400m, Relays, Hurdles & Jumps


2022 Outdoor Season - We will continue to offer 2 Youth Teams - Club & Elite

Club (Recreation) – This program is appropriate for athletes new to track as well as athletes that have participated in track. Athletes are grouped by age and ability.  

Athletes will learn proper sprinting techniques and mechanics to improve their running efficiency and thus their overall athletic performance. Athletes will improve their ability to recruit fast-twitch muscle fiber for dramatic improvements in their ability to accelerate.  We will offer unique acceleration, quickness, explosive and reaction drills that are proven to transform an athlete’s speed.

Participation in meets is not required - a good number of athletes just train with us to improve their speed for other sports. At this time, we are optimistic that there will be beginner track meets this Outdoor season, but it will depend on the COVID situation.  We do plan to participate in meets if there are Beginner meets available.  


Practices -  Begins on 3/28 and end on 6/10

Practices will be held at Mill Run ES & Eagle Ridge MS during the week.  Eagle Ridge and Mill Run are adjacent so we will move between the two of them.  Saturday practices are at Briar Woods HS.


       Youth - Grades 1 – 8 - Athletes are grouped by age and ability.  

                          Monday & Wednesday: 6:30 – 7:30pm

                          Saturday: Time- TBD (on non-meet weekends)


 Cost: $324

Payment Plan - $59 due at time of registration

4/8 - $150; 4/22 - $115




Elite (Travel) - For the youth athlete that is competing at a higher level and requires a strong commitment to track.  This team is by invitation only.  The Coaches will continue to evaluate athletes throughout the season for the team and new athletes performing at a higher level will be given the opportunity to train with the Elite team.  

The Elite team usually has the opportunity to participate in Local, Regional and National meets.  For the 2022 Outdoor Season, it is our intention to participate in some meets but may be adjusted due to COVID restrictions and meet availability.  At this time, we are optimistic that there will be some meets in the Outdoor Season.  

There will be some limited scholarship opportunities on a per family basis.  
Please contact Coach Greene at NVAtrack@gmail.com if you wish to participate but are finding it difficult. We understand there many different types of family situations and our goal with Ashburn Elite is to improve the situation/condition of our kids/athletes.
This program is limited to athletes that reside in Loudoun County.  Athletes living outside of Loudoun County that wish to participate will need to obtain approval before registering and should email Derrick at NVAtrack@gmail.